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Punisher Frank Reade

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Punisher Frank Reade.jpg
Location: Inside Detroit City
He grew up with Jane Smith, a technician from Detroit. In order to win her heart, he studied robotics under Henry Ford with her. After dying in an unfortunate accident, he was miraculously revived by the Soul Control Device that Henry Ford had made by studying Atlantis' technology, but went missing after the Detroit Massacre. He is wrongfully accused of being the mastermind of the massacre, but he is hunting his friend Ed Gein, who became the monster Leather Face, in order to clear his name and stop any further damage.

Punisher Recruiting Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 102


1. Battle on the Backstreets
2. Jane Smith
3. Truth
4. Leather Face's Right Arm
5. Sheriff's Diary
6. Urgent Message
7. Atonement

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