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Queen Ant

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Work In Progress
  This page may contain old information that is nolonger relevent and it requires a review.

Queen Ant.jpg
Level: 38
Attack Power: 423~636
Experience: 829
Animal Type
Magic Skill: Silence


Mana Potion (II) Very Low
Healing Potion (II) Very Low
Enchant Stone (II) Very Low
Silver Ingot Very Low
Pearl Very Low
Iron Sand Very Low
Copper Ore Very Low
Embroidery Thread Low
Lemon Medium
Ashen Jewel Very Low
Insect Equipment Box Very Low
Commodity Box (II) Very Low


Ant Tunnel X: 492 Y: 164
Ant Tunnel X: 404 Y: 235
Ant Tunnel X: 504 Y: 246
Ant Tunnel X: 560 Y: 360
Ant Tunnel X: 336 Y: 314
Ant Tunnel X: 256 Y: 289
Ant Tunnel X: 202 Y: 293
Ant Tunnel X: 157 Y: 253
Ant Tunnel X: 105 Y: 295
Ant Tunnel X: 66 Y: 238
Evil Spider King's Lair X: 22 Y: 17
Evil Spider King's Lair X: 22 Y: 15
Evil Spider King's Lair X: 19 Y: 19
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