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Ruins of the Yellow River Quest Chain

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The Ruins of the Yellow River Quest Chain is started from Sima Qian. This quest chain requires your character to be level 11 or above.


Name NPC Exp Gold Reward
Greetings Quest Sima Qian 100
The Huang Ho Civilization Quest Sima Qian 100 Dumpling x20
Thorough Preparation Quest Sima Qian 100 2,000g
About Towns Quest Sima Qian 100 2,000g Spirit Equipment Set Box x3
Local Dangers Quest Sima Qian 100 2,000g Enchant Stone (I) x5
Equipment Upgrade Quest Sima Qian 150 3,000g Life Potion (I) x5
Contagious Disease? Quest Sima Qian 150 3,000g Healing Potion (I) x10
The Doctor's Investigation Quest Pien Chueh 180 4,000g Ashen Crystal x10
Supplemental Materials Quest Pien Chueh 150 5,000g
About Crafting Skills Quest Pien Chueh 200
Basics of Crafting Quest Pien Chueh 200 4,000g Growth Vial (I) x5
An Experimental Cure Quest Pien Chueh 200 6,000g Growth Vial (I) x5
Who are you? Quest Sul Hyang 250 4,000g Life Potion (I) x5
My Allies Give Me Strength Quest Sul Hyang 250 Life Potion (I) x5
Someday they will... Quest Sul Hyang 250 Scroll of Bewitching (I) x3
Please watch out. Quest Sul Hyang 250 5,000g Patrol License (I) x3
Spying on the Enemy Quest Sul Hyang 250 5,000g Scroll of Vortex (I) x3
Inconvenience Quest Sul Hyang 300 6,000g Scroll of Vortex (I) x5
A Favor Quest Sima Qian 360 6,000g Ashen Crystal x10
Secret History Quest Sima Qian 250 3,000g
Magiced Evil Archer Quest Sima Qian 300 6,000g Commodity Box (I) x10
Forgiveness Quest Sima Qian 350 7,000g Life Potion (I) x10
I'm starting to see it Quest Pien Chueh 350 10,000g Growth Vial (I) x10
One More Quest Pien Chueh 350 10,000g Auto-Battle License (I) x3
Guilt Quest Sima Qian 250
The Pitiful Xiyu Shaman Quest Sul Hyang 500 20,000g Sea King's Equipment Box x5
If you want to know more... Quest Sul Hyang 400
Totals 6,390 113,000g
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