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Type: Food
Fixed Price: 100 gold
Effect: Recover health and magic, starting with the main character and working down.
Health Recovery: 20
Magic Recovery: 2
Required Will: 10%
Cannot be used in battle
Cannot be sold at auction

Cannot be crafted


Baby Lion Very Low Level 35
Bandit Very Low Level 25
Blue Dragon Medium Level 26
Chief Bae Hoon Very Low Level 28
Crab Soldier Low Level 22
Crab Warrior Medium Level 23
Evil Sky Spirit Very Low Level 3
Fan Dancer Low Level 24
Hell Soldier Very Low Level 5
Hell Warrior Very Low Level 6
Polluted Unicorn Very Low Level 9
Royal Guard Medium Level 21
Small Water Dragon Medium Level 19
Starved Scorpion Very Low Level 36
Sword Dancer Low Level 23
Thief Very Low Level 25
Water Dragon Medium Level 20

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Aroma Base 25
Barley Bimbimbap 20
Grilled Pork 4
Grilled Shrimp 5
Kebab Seasoning 50
Octopus Soup 6
Red Aroma Base 25
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