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Sea Palace Quest Chain

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The Sea Palace Quest Chain is started from Hu Xue-yan. This quest chain requires your character to be level 16 or above.


Name NPC Exp Gold Reward
Violent Otters Quest Hu Xue-yan 350 6,000g Mana Potion (I) x10
Secure Funds Quest Hu Xue-yan 400 6,000g Scroll of Vortex (I) x2
The Sea Palace's First Mystery Quest Hu Xue-yan 450 6,000g Ashen Crystal x20
Necessary Iron Sand Quest Zang Heng 450 7,000g Life Potion (I) x5
Handling Merchandise Quest Zang Heng 500 7,000g Scroll of Vortex (I) x2
Hunt and Investigate Quest Zang Heng 500 8,000g Dumpling x30
The Sea Palace's Second Mystery Quest Hu Xue-yan 500 4,000g Life Potion (I) x5
Research Specimens Quest Pien Chueh 550 4,500g Antidote (I) x10
Get Motivated! Quest Hu Xue-yan 500 Dumpling x20
The Crab Warrior's Threat Quest Hu Xue-yan 600 4,500g Growth Vial (I) x10
The Intimidating Sea Palace General Quest Hu Xue-yan 600 4,500g Commodity Box (I) x10
Restless Adviser 1 Quest Hu Xue-yan 650 4,500g
I'm So Hungry Quest Zhao Gao 650 Gain Crafting Skill Food
Sustenance Quest Zhao Gao 650 Life Potion (I) x5
Don't Go Hungry Quest Zhao Gao 650 Scroll of Vortex (I) x2
More Clothes Quest Zhao Gao 700
So Beautiful You Want to Destroy It Quest Zhao Gao 700 Life Potion (I) x5
More Cake for a Fool Quest Hu Xue-yan 700 5,000g Scroll of Vortex (I) x5
Competent Comrade 1 Quest Hu Xue-yan 850 5,000g Weapon Enchant Stone (I) x5
Vestige of Ancient Civilizations Quest Hu Xue-yan 900 5,000g
Let me think... Quest Hu Xue-yan 900 5,000g
Mopping Up Bandits Quest Cui Li Liang 1,000 3,500g Scroll of Reinforcements (I) x5
I'll teach you a lesson. Quest Cui Li Liang 2,500 5,000g Grilled Pork x30
Analysis Request Quest Hu Xue-yan 1,000 6,000g
A Dubious Request Quest Zang Heng 1,200 6,000g Teleportation License (II) x1
Nervous Advisor 2 Quest Zang Heng 1,500 7,000g
Don't overdo it, Hu Xue-yan! Quest Zhao Gao 1,500 Sea King's Equipment Box x5
Sea King's Royal Guards Quest Hu Xue-yan 1,000 7,500g Commodity Box (I) x10
Competent Comrade 2 Quest Hu Xue-yan 1,000 7,500g
Suppressing the Rebellion Quest Hu Xue-yan 2,500 25,000g Angkor Wat Equipment Box x5
Thank You for Everything Quest Hu Xue-yan 1,000 8,000g
Totals 26,950 157,500g
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