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Shah Jahan

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Shah Jahan.jpg
Location: Abyss of the Taj Mahal
The previous Emperor of the Mughal Empire. He became lethargic after his dearest wife's death. He completed the Taj Mahal at his wife's will, but after 22 years of overspending, he lives his remaining years alone and hated by his people. Despite his current situation, he drowns in his love for his wife.

Level 50 Upgrade Ring Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 50


1. Fragments of the 5 colored crystal
2. Organizing the underground chamber
3. The Symbol of kindness
4. Love letter
5. Taj Mahal
6. The rug of promise
7. Treatment and resurrection
8. Statue of the Glass Goddess
9. Sharing information
10. Mahal's portrait
11. Friends
12. Spice of Memory
13. Hidden Chamber of Tombs
14. Mahal's letter
15. Ring of the palace

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