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Silver Thread

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Silver Thread.jpg
Type: Fabric
Fixed Price: 1,000 gold
Cannot be sold at auction

Production Rate: 20 per batch
Necessary Workload: 4,000 (200 per item)
Sewing skill must be 10 or higher to craft this item

Craft Price: 16,000 gold (800 gold per item)
You gain 80 experience in Sewing per batch (4 per item)


Embroidery Thread 50
Glue 2

Found in the Following Boxs

Artisan's Material Box


Addicted Lionman Very Low Level 111
Agent of Judgment Low Level 80
Altered Man Very Low Level 109
Altered Native Very Low Level 108
Angry Wolf High Level 79
Anubis High Level 73
Apophis Guard Medium Level 81
Arabian Deer Very High Level 64
Beast King Kegarrd Low, Very Low, High Level 71
Bloodthirsty Wolf High Level 63
Cannibal Deer High Level 63
Caracal High Level 70
Chief Eagle Low Level 63
Chief Lionman Low Level 61
Chief Werewolf Low Level 60
Colorful Griffin Low Level 65
Crazy Caracal Low Level 75
Crazy Crocodile Low Level 74
Crazy Desert Eagle Low Level 74
Crazy Sheep Medium Level 64
Crazy Slave Warrior Very Low Level 106
Crystal Guard Very Low Level 78
Crystal Safeguard Very Low Level 78
Cursed Camel Low Level 77
Cursed Eagle Low Level 76
Cursed Lionman Low, Very Low Level 78
Dark Archbishop Very Low Level 108
Dark Betrayer Medium Level 69
Dark Cardinal Very Low Level 108
Dark Priest Very Low Level 108
Desert Fox Low Level 67
Dracula Low Level 60
Elite Slave Soldier Very Low Level 107
Enki Magician Very Low Level 68
Enril Magician Very Low Level 68
Ghost Soldier Low, Very Low Level 79
Golden Anubis Low, Very Low Level 75
Gray Mummy Low, Very Low Level 72
Haunted Archbishop Very Low Level 107
Ishtar's Oracle Low, Very Low Level 69
Keysha Low Level 70
Lionman Sorcerer High Level 60
Marble Sphinx Very Low Level 76
Monstrous Keysha Very Low Level 71
Mummy Magician Very Low Level 73
Mysterious Necromancer Very Low Level 106
Obsidian Sphinx Low, Very Low Level 77
Pasture Watcher Low Level 68
Priestess of Ishtar Low, Very Low Level 69
Sage Anubis Very Low Level 74
Sage Minotaur Medium Level 62
Slave Archer Very Low Level 67
Slave Spearman Low, Very Low Level 66
Slave Swordsman Very Low Level 65
Stone Cannonman Very Low Level 65
Stone Spearman Very Low Level 66
Stone Swordsman Very Low Level 64
White Mummy Low, Very Low Level 72
Young Lionman Medium Level 60
Young Minotaur Medium Level 61

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Anu Priest Gloves 20
Anu Priest Hat 20
Anu Priest Robe 20
Anu Priest Shoes 20
Anu Warrior Chain Gauntlets 20
Anu Warrior Chain Helm 20
Anu Warrior Gauntlets 20
Anu Warrior Greaves 20
Anu Warrior Heavy Armor 20
Anu Warrior Helmet 20
Anu Warrior Leggings 20
Anu Warrior Light Armor 20
Arabian Factory 170
Arabian Guard Post 300
Arabian Hospital 170
Arabian Market 185
Arabian School 200
Arabian Warehouse 185
Book Break Down (II) 150
Book Broken Spear (II) 150
Book Chainsaw Blade (II) 150
Book Chaos Wind (II) 150
Book Concentrate (II) 150
Book Dark Seed (II) 150
Book Deadly Shot (II) 150
Book Deadly Strike (II) 150
Book Evanescent Scud (II) 150
Book Guard Dispel (II) 150
Book Healing (II) 150
Book Hwarang's Aura (II) 150
Book Hwarang's Fury (II) 150
Book Ice Ridge Axe (II) 150
Book Light Slash (II) 150
Book Multi Arrow (II) 150
Book Noble Sacrifice (II) 150
Book Rusty Axe (II) 150
Book Seth's Will (II) 150
Book Shattered Sword (II) 150
Book Shooting Stance (II) 150
Book Smoke Bomb (II) 150
Book Storm Blast (II) 150
Book Summon Machine (II) 150
Book Vortex (II) 150
Chinese Factory 170
Chinese Guard Post 300
Chinese Hospital 170
Chinese Market 185
Chinese School 200
Chosun Factory 170
Chosun Guard Post 300
Chosun Hospital 170
Chosun Market 185
Chosun School 200
Colorful Thread 20
European Factory 170
European Guard Post 300
European Hospital 170
European Market 185
European School 200
Gilgamesh Chain Gauntlets 20
Gilgamesh Chain Helm 20
Gilgamesh Gauntlets 20
Gilgamesh Gloves 20
Gilgamesh Greaves 20
Gilgamesh Hat 20
Gilgamesh Heavy Armor 20
Gilgamesh Helmet 20
Gilgamesh Leggings 20
Gilgamesh Light Armor 20
Gilgamesh Robe 20
Gold Thread 50
Inuit's Magic Bell 5
Inuit's Magic Mirror 5
Japanese Factory 170
Japanese Guard Post 300
Japanese Hospital 170
Japanese Market 185
Japanese School 200
Magic Patchwork 5
Mithril Arrow 5
North European Factory 170
North European Guard Post 300
North European Hospital 170
North European Market 185
North European School 200
Parchment 100, 10
Silver Arrow 5
Southeast Asian Factory 170
Southeast Asian Guard Post 300
Southeast Asian Hospital 170
Southeast Asian Market 185
Southeast Asian School 200
Sturdy Fishing Line 300, 50

Craftprice Breakdown

Below is the Craftprice breakdown of Colorful Fabric.

50 x Embroidery Thread at 300 gold each (Fixed Price)
2 x Glue at 500 gold each (Fixed Price)
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