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Southwest Asia

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Southwest Asia




Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Tower of Babel
Valley of the Kings


Name Type Location
Horus Quest NPC Near the Valley of the Kings
Imhotep Quest NPC Near the Valley of the Kings
Isis Quest NPC Near Cairo
Menelaus Quest NPC Necropolis
Nefertiti Quest NPC Near the Valley of the Kings
Prophet Hecuba Quest NPC Near Baghdad
Scheherazade Quest NPC Near Baghdad
Seth Quest NPC Near the Valley of the Kings
Tiamat's Soul Quest NPC Sanctum of Destiny
Tutankhamun Quest NPC Near Cairo
Urshanabi Quest NPC Near Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Utnapishtim Quest NPC Near the Hanging Gardens of Babylon


Chief Eagle Level 63
Arabian Deer Level 64
Desert Fox Level 67
Caracal Level 70
Beast King Kegarrd Level 71
Crazy Crocodile Level 74
Crazy Desert Eagle Level 74
Crazy Caracal Level 75
Cursed Eagle Level 76
Cursed Camel Level 77
Cursed Lionman Level 78
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