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Your foes may scoff at your low vitality and defensive level, but as a mage you have the ability to master a wide variety of spells. You can also equip an Orb, which increases your Attack Power and Intelligence. In your later levels, you truly become a force to be reckoned with. You replenish your allies' vitality with Blessing of Life magic, and can learn the powerful Brutal Will spell to increase your mercenaries' attack power.
Hero specialization: int +15% to entire formation.

Staff Main.jpg

Type: Staff
Basic Attack: Staff
Off-hand: Orb
Range: 1 front.png
Strength: 180 Intelligence: 340
Dexterity: 230 Vitality: 230
Defence: 150 Magic Defence: 500


Main Talents

Note: values are given for 10 points (the maximum). Values by point are divided by 10 (all bonus are linear).

Level 130:

Mighty Offense: Learn to deal increased physical damage by mastering your weapon.

 Increases Attack Power by 2000 (PvE) | 350 (FL PvP) | 100 (CL PvP) | 2000 (TBS PvE).

Hearty Endurance: Intense physical conditioning increases your Max Health.

 Increases Max Health by 16000 (PvE) | 2000 (FL PvP) | 800 (CL PvP) | 16000 (TBS PvE).

Magic Mastery: Your daily meditations boost the power of your magic.

 Increases Magic Level by 10 (PvE) | 5 (FL PvP) | 1 (CL PvP) | 10 (TBS PvE).

Level 140:

Battle Magic: You've focused your studies on battle magic, allowing you to deal greater damage with your spells.

 Increases spell damage by 25 (PvE) | 5 (FL PvP) | 3 (CL PvP) | 25 (TBS PvE) %.

Healing Touch: Compassion drives you, giving you a boost to any healing magic you cast.

 Healing magic recovers 100 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 100 (TBS PvE) % more.

Empowered Casting: You hold the balance of war in your hand. The effects of your buffs and debuffs are heightened compared to other mages.

 Increases buffs and decreases debuffs of your spells by 50 (PvE) | 15 (FL PvP) | 3 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) %.

Level 150:

Scholarly Adventurer: Careful study grants you higher Intelligence than other adventurers.

 Increases Intelligence by 1000 (PvE) | 150 (FL PvP) | 25 (CL PvP) | 1000 (TBS PvE).

Tip the Scales: You twist the flow of magic in your favor, decreasing hostile spell effects while improving beneficial magic effects.

 Decreases hostile magic effects by 50 (PvE) | 15 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) %.
 Increases beneficial magic effects by 100 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 10 (CL PvP) | 100 (TBS PvE) %.

Spell Reflex: Your agile mind allows you to trigger passive spell effects more often when attacking or being attacked, and such spell effects are more potent when cast by you.

 The chance of passive magic triggering when attacking or being attacked is increased by 100 (PvE) | 35 (FL PvP) | 15 (CL PvP) | 100 (TBS PvE) %.
 Its effects are increased by 100 (PvE) | 15 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 100 (TBS PvE) %.

Level 160:

Burst Magic: You have mastered the ebb and flow of magic, granting your spells a chance to gain a great boost in power. (Pending)

  When using magic, gain a 25 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 25 (CL PvP) | 25 (TBS PvE) % chance to increase the spell's damage, restoration, and stat effects by 50 (PvE) | 50 (FL PvP) | 50 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) %.

Chain Spell: You have learned to chain spells together, giving you a chance to take a second action and recover 1 cool down after using magic. (Pending)

 When using magic, grants a 25 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 25 (CL PvP) | 25 (TBS PvE) % chance to take a second action and recover 1 cool down.

Mana Bloom: The divine power you wield grants you a chance to recover all cool down whenever you cast a spell. (Pending)

 When using Magic, grants a 25 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 25 (CL PvP) | 25 (TBS PvE) % chance to completely recover cool down.
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