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Thick Tree Branch

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Thick Tree Branch.jpg
Type: Wood
Fixed Price: 300 gold
Cannot be crafted


Beryl Watcher Very Low Level 49
Blue Wolf Low Level 32
Camel Medium Level 35
Chief Fox Low Level 33
Horrendous FleshForm Very Low Level 43
Male Otter Low Level 33
Mantis High Level 37
Obsidian Watcher Very Low Level 48
Parrot High Level 36
Pillaging Invader Very Low Level 34
Starved Snail Low Level 27
White Tiger Low Level 50

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Arabian Factory 449
Arabian Farm 200
Arabian Guard Post 150
Arabian Hospital 450
Arabian House 60
Arabian Market 355
Arabian School 250
Arabian Warehouse 355
Assassin's Bow 10
Assassin's Cannon 10
Assassin's Instrument 10
Assassin's Rifle 10
Assassin's Whip 10
Cherry Tree 70
Chinese Factory 449
Chinese Farm 200
Chinese Guard Post 150
Chinese Hospital 450
Chinese House 60
Chinese Market 355
Chinese School 250
Chinese Warehouse 200
Chosun Factory 449
Chosun Farm 200
Chosun Guard Post 150
Chosun Hospital 450
Chosun House 60
Chosun Market 355
Chosun School 250
Chosun Warehouse 200
Destroyer's Axe 10
Destroyer's Power Saw 10
Destroyer's Shield 10
Destroyer's Spear 10
Destroyer's Sword 10
European Factory 449
European Farm 200
European Guard Post 150
European Hospital 450
European House 60
European Market 355
European School 250
European Warehouse 200
Fusain 50
Japanese Factory 449
Japanese Farm 200
Japanese Guard Post 150
Japanese Hospital 450
Japanese House 60
Japanese Market 355
Japanese School 250
Japanese Warehouse 200
Large Subarctic Tree 40
Large Temperate Tree 40
Large Tree 40
Large Tropical Tree 40
Medium Subarctic Tree 20
Medium Temperate Tree 20
Medium Tree 20
Medium Tropical Tree 20
North European Factory 449
North European Farm 200
North European Guard Post 150
North European Hospital 450
North European House 60
North European Market 355
North European School 250
North European Warehouse 200
Savior's Orb 10
Savior's Staff 10
Small Lever 50
Small Subarctic Tree 14
Small Temperate Tree 14
Small Tree 14
Small Tropical Tree 14
Southeast Asian Factory 449
Southeast Asian Farmer 200
Southeast Asian Guard Post 150
Southeast Asian Hospital 450
Southeast Asian House 60
Southeast Asian Market 355
Southeast Asian School 250
Southeast Warehouse 200
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