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Tiamat's Soul

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Tiamat's Soul.jpg
Location: Sanctum of Destiny
A piece of soul that Tiamat left behind before she became too wrapped up in the madness caused by Atlantis.
It is sealed in the Tupsimati Tablet now. Juwoo the Storm Bird, who was reared by Tiamat, guards the tablet now.

Prophet Recruiting Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 70


1. The Dimensional Key
2. The Space-Time Door
3. The Ruined Dimensional Plane
4. (Party) The Dimensional Control Staff
5. (Party) The Ereshkigal's Sign
6. (Party) The Removal of the Seal!
7. (Party) Shade of Humbaba
8. (Party) The Final Battle
9. (Party) For the Future

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