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Traditional Korean Meal

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Traditional Korean Meal.jpg
Type: Food
Effect: Recover health and magic, starting with the main character and working down.
Health Recovery: 7000
Magic Recovery: 900
Required Will: 10%
Cannot be used in battle
Cannot be sold at auction

Production Rate: 10 per batch
Necessary Workload: 29,000 (2,900 per item)
Food skill must be 50 or higher to craft this item

Craft Price: 49,750 gold (4,975 gold per item)
Total Workload: 39,500 (3,950 per item)
You gain 580 experience in Food per batch (58 per item)


Barley Bimbimbap 15
Bay Salt 10
Beef 10
Pork 10


Not dropped by any Known Monsters

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Not used for crafting any Known Items

Craftprice Breakdown

Below is the Craftprice breakdown of Traditional Korean Meal.

15 x Barley Bimbimbap at 1,050 gold and 7,000 workload each (Crafted)
90 x Barley at 100 gold each (Fixed Price)
30 x Salt at 100 gold each (Fixed Price)
7.50 x Sesame Oil at 500 gold each (Fixed Price)
10 x Bay Salt at 3,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
10 x Beef at 300 gold each (Fixed Price)
10 x Pork at 100 gold each (Fixed Price)
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