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Weak Gunpowder

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Weak Gunpowder.jpg
Type: Misc
Fixed Price: 100 gold
Cannot be sold at auction

Cannot be crafted

Note: This is used to make bullets and cannonballs.


Ankara Owl Very High Level 103
Azure Griffin Low Level 57
Colorful Griffin Low Level 65
Dark Wing Gryphon Low Level 64
Elephant Cannoneer Low Level 105
Elephant Gunner Low Level 105
Elephant Warrior Low Level 105
Garura Low Level 52
Giant Griffin Low Level 58
Gray Griffin Low Level 57
Gray Gryphon Low Level 57
Harpy Magician Medium Level 43
Harpy Sorceress Medium Level 44
Harpy Warrior Medium Level 43
Huge Garura Low Level 52
Stone Cannonman Low Level 65
Young Owl Low Level 12

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Adamantium Arrow 200
Adamantium Bullet 200
Adamantium Cannonball 200
Bronze Arrow 10
Bronze Music Sheet 10
Copper Bullet 30
Enriched Bullet 20
Explosive Cannonball 50
Flame Cannonball 10
Iron-Clad Cannonball 10
Iron-clad Bullet 40
Lead Bullet 4
Mithril Arrow 100
Quill 100
Silver Arrow 20
Steel Cannonball 3
Sturdy Quill 10
Weak Dynamite 100
Wooden Arrow 4
Wooden Music Sheet 3
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