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When you die Guide

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Death is not the end

When your main character dies in Atlantica Online, you loose 10% of your held gold and some experience. you are Resurrected in the closed town. Note that when your main character dies in battle any remaining mercenaries will run from the battle.

Bringing mercenaries back from the dead

You can bring mercenaries back from the dead by either using Life Potions or paying a Hospital in a town to resurrect them. Life Potions allow you to resurrect mercenaries anywhere (Except in battle). You can resurrect a mercenary using a Life Potion by clicking on the fallen mercenaries portrait at the bottom right of the screen or right clicking on a Life Potion in your inventory. You can also use Water of Life to resurrect all your mercenary and full heal them.

There are 4 different types of Life Potion:

  • Life potion VI- level 140-160
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