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Yosun Temple

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Yosun Temple
Required Level: Lv. 8 and above

One of the four ancient civilizations that flourished at the same time as Atlantis, the Yellow River Civilization tried to maintain a peaceful relationship with Atlantis, but it’s efforts came to avail as Atlantis’ greed grew. But compared to other civilizations, it was least affected by Atlantis since it’s distance was furthest away from Atlantis. Still, the Yellow River area was known to have a large quantity of Dragon Crystals buried in the ground. And with much of it’s historical evidence lost, the Yellow River civilization’s reputation as the origin of many ancient legends lends the area a great sense of mystery. [1] The Yellow River Civilization was an ancient group of people living close to the Yellow River, near what is now Beijing. The quest chain here leads the player through the Ruins of the Yellow River to defeat the ambitious Xiyu Shaman and eliminate the sickness emanating from the Mana Reactor.


Long ago, the Yellow River Civilization existed peacefully in Northeastern Asia along the river for which they are named. Like most ancient civilizations, the Huang Ho of the Yellow River sought to be given a share of the mysterious material Oriharukon, which the people of Atlantis had inadvertently created. While the people of Yellow River only applied slight pressure on Atlantis, they also strove to uphold peace between their two civilizations. Though in times before, Atlantis had not reacted violently, when the supply of crystals needed to produce Oriharukon ran out, the Atlantians swiftly descended on several large civilizations in their greed and burning desire to obtain more. The Yellow River Civilization was a prime target, because, even though they did not suspect it, there was a large amount of Dragon Crystals buried beneath them. After the defeat of the Yellow River people and their complete annihilation, the Atlantians installed a Mana Reactor in the depths of the most peaceful and last remaining structure of the Yellow River Civilization, the Yosun Temple, as a destructive reminder of the Huang Ho’s utter defeat.

Recent Times

Recently, the Yosun Temple has become inhabited by monsters and beings of evil intent. A large hostage situation caused many men and women to lose their lives, the men beheaded then raised from the dead as Headless Warriors and Soldiers, the women corrupted into becoming Margo’s Archers. On top of that, the Xiyu Shaman has taken residence in the temple, dark ambitions of becoming the Xiyu Empress leading her to keep company with the Mana Reactor. There have been a handful of souls brave enough to venture into Yosun Temple, but none have returned. It now falls on any adventurer who thinks he or she may be strong enough to stop the evil in the temple from spreading, and the sickness the Mana Reactor spouts from killing everything it can reach.


Not much is known about the Culture of the Yellow River Civilization, Atlantis having been thorough in their wiping out the entire culture. What does remain are ancient tablets made from bamboo that give bits of accounts of important events in the history of the Huang Ho. Sima Qian, outside of Beijing, uses these to understand what had happened to the Yellow River Civilization long ago.


Headless Warrior Level 13
Headless Soldier Level 14
Headless Punisher Level 15

Sub Fields

Room of the Eight Trigrams
Yosun Temple Annex
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