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Adamantium Ingot

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Adamantium Ingot.jpg
Type: Mineral
Cannot be sold at auction

Production Rate: 2 per batch
Necessary Workload: 105,000 (52,500 per item)
Tool skill must be 28 or higher to craft this item

Craft Price: 1,160,000 gold (580,000 gold per item)
Total Workload: 201,000 (100,500 per item)
You gain 2,100 experience in Tool per batch (1,050 per item)


Adamantium 4
Gold Ingot 80
Oil 100

Found in the Following Boxs

Old Treasure Box


Alishan Leopard Very Low Level 122
Alloy Robot Very Low Level 116
Ancient Aboriginal Statue Very Low Level 119
Apostle of Death Guide Very Low Level 122
Arrogant Gunslinger Very Low Level 142
Attractive Young Lady Very Low Level 121
Blood Mask Very Low Level 120
Blue Assassin Very Low Level 120
Brutal Mutated Spider Very Low Level 121
Brutal Outcast Very Low Level 116
Byzantine Emperor's Shade Very Low Level 110
Cannon Servant Very Low Level 110
City Chief Gatekeeper Very Low Level 121
Claw Punk Very Low Level 117
Constantinus XI Very Low Level 115
Crazy Outcast Very Low Level 116
Cruel Supervisor Very Low Level 119
Elegant Catherine Very Low Level 116
Enraged Ruler Loki Very Low Level 112
Gold Rose Very Low Level 120
Iron Hand Very Low Level 120
Mun Very Low Level 115
Steel Heart Very Low Level 120

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Divine Axe 10
Divine Bow 10
Divine Cannon 10
Divine Gloves 5
Divine Heavy Armor 5
Divine Light Armor 5
Divine Orb 10
Divine Power Saw 10
Divine Robe 5
Divine Shield 10
Divine Spear 10
Divine Staff 10
Divine Sword 10
Enriched Adamantium Ingot 100
Freezing Axe 10
Freezing Bow 10
Freezing Cannon 10
Freezing Chain Gloves 10
Freezing Gauntlets 10
Freezing Gloves 10
Freezing Heavy Armor 10
Freezing Lance 10
Freezing Light Armor 10
Freezing Orb 10
Freezing Power Saw 10
Freezing Robe 10
Freezing Shield 10
Freezing Staff 10
Freezing Sword 10
Imitation Oriharukon 20
Multi-Hued Pen 10
Secrets of Time Notoqchen 10
Wiseman's Golden Pen 10

Craftprice Breakdown

Below is the Craftprice breakdown of Adamantium Ingot.

4 x Adamantium at 175,000 gold and 48,000 workload each (Crafted)
8 x Ruby at 30,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
80 x Gold Ingot at 2,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
100 x Oil at 3,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
80 x Gold Ingot at 2,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
100 x Oil at 3,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
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