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Al Feren

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Location: Near Istanbul
He was one of the key generals of the Janissary in the past. Now he is retired and in charge of training the younger soldiers. He has great pride in his Janissary army, but on the other hand, he is a warm hearted man who feels sorry for the young soldiers who need to go through the deadly Janissary training.

Janissary Recruiting Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 96


1. Skillful Rifleman
2. (Party) Ornament of Janissary
3. Exciting Battle Tactics
4. Relaxation
5. (Party) The Battle is Still Going On
6. In the Name of Allah 1
7. (Party) Lost Animals
8. (Party) Dangerous Animal
9. A Great Hero
10. (Party) Suspicious Voices
11. Victory Is Not About Large Numbers
12. Conclusive Evidence
13. (Party) A Twisted Chair
14. The Ones Against Nature
15. Nature's Way
16. (Party) At the Heart of Regression
17. Bitter Conclusion
18. In the Name of Allah 2
19. (Party) The Dead Have Their Places To Be

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