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Long Range Type Mercenary
Grade: D
Basic Attack: Bow
Off-hand: Arrows
Range: 1 any.png

Strength: 160 Intelligence: 230
Dexterity: 220 Vitality: 140
Defence: 80 Magic Defence: 250


The Archer can send her arrows to any enemy on the battlefield, making her an excellent sniper for your formation. She may only hit one target at a time, but her high attack power and range more than make up for this.

When not going on the offensive, the Archer can use Silence magic to prevent enemies from using magic.


Archer Ace.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Archer Ace
Lv. 20 + 50 Ashen Crystals

Strength: 170 Intelligence: 250
Dexterity: 260 Vitality: 180
Defence: 125 Magic Defence: 250

Archer Master.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Archer Master
Lv. 50 + 100 Ashen Crystals

Strength: 180 Intelligence: 280
Dexterity: 290 Vitality: 230
Defence: 181 Magic Defence: 250

Robin Hood.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Robin Hood
Lv. 80 + 20 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 190 Intelligence: 300
Dexterity: 320 Vitality: 250
Defence: 251 Magic Defence: 250

Robin Hood (Hero I).jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Robin Hood (Hero I)
Lv. 100 + 50 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 203 Intelligence: 321
Dexterity: 342 Vitality: 267
Defence: 335 Magic Defence: 250

Robin Hood (Hero II).jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Robin Hood (Hero II)
Lv. 120 + 150 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 214 Intelligence: 340
Dexterity: 365 Vitality: 285
Defence: 419 Magic Defence: 250

Robin Hood (Hero III).jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Robin Hood (Hero III)
Lv. 130 + 200 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 224 Intelligence: 360
Dexterity: 387 Vitality: 304
Defence: 499 Magic Defence: 250

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Robin Hood (Hero IV)
Lv. 140 + 200 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 236 Intelligence: 382
Dexterity: 412 Vitality: 325
Defence: 596 Magic Defence: 250

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Robin Hood (Hero V)
Lv. 150 + 200 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 250 Intelligence: 405
Dexterity: 441 Vitality: 348
Defence: 716 Magic Defence: 250

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Robin Hood (Hero VI)
Lv. 160 + 200 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 300 Intelligence: 486
Dexterity: 529 Vitality: 417
Defence: 859 Magic Defence: 250



One of the few starting mercenaries that you can choose from during the "pregame". You can also recruit them at the mercenary seller near your starting town.

Similar Class

Bow Main, Celestial Hunter Main, Archer, Dark Archer, Empress, Hwarang, Prophet, Centaur Archer

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