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Ashen Crystal

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Ashen Crystal.jpg
Type: Crystal
Fixed Price: 8,000 gold
Cannot be sold at auction

Cannot be crafted

Class: Swordsman/Monk/Shaman/Viking/Spearman/Gunner/Archer/Artilleryman
Note: Used to upgrade mercenaries to a higher class.

Found in the Following Boxs

Multi-Hued Crystal Box


Alloy Doll Magician Low Level 57
Azure Griffin Low Level 57
Beryl Watcher Very Low Level 49
Black Striped Bat Low Level 50
Blue Dragon Medium Level 26
Blue Ogre Low Level 29
Carnivorous Plant Low Level 63
Chief Brown Horse Low Level 58
Chief Lionman Low Level 61
Chief Werewolf Low Level 60
Crab Soldier Low Level 22
Crab Warrior Low Level 23
Cursed Camel Low Level 77
Cursed Eagle Low Level 76
Enki Magician Low Level 68
Enril Magician Low Level 68
Gate Keeper Medium Level 20
Giant Griffin Low Level 58
Gray Griffin Low Level 57
Gray Gryphon Low Level 57
Harpy Magician Low Level 43
Harpy Sorceress Low Level 44
Harpy Warrior Low Level 43
Headless Soldier Low Level 14
Headless Warrior Low Level 13
Hell Hound Low Level 52
Huge Golem Low Level 33
Iron Doll Fighter Low Level 56
Iron Doll Magician Low Level 55
Iron Doll Warrior Low Level 55
Ishtar's Oracle Low Level 69
Keysha Low Level 70
Lionman Sorcerer Low Level 60
Lord Chamberlain Low Level 54
Magiced Ace Archer Low Level 18
Magiced Archer Medium Level 17
Magiced Bowman Low Level 16
Monstrous Keysha Low Level 71
Moss Golem Low Level 31
Naga Queen High Level 39
Naga Sorcerer Low Level 34
Naga Warrior Low Level 33
Obsidian Watcher Very Low Level 48
Ogre King Low Level 31
Parrot Medium Level 36
Priestess of Ishtar Low Level 69
Queen Wasp Medium Level 41
Rakshasa Private Low Level 45
Red Carnivorous Plant Low Level 62
Royal Guard Medium Level 21
Sage Minotaur Low Level 62
Sea Dragon Medium Level 25
Sea King High Level 28
Slave Archer Low Level 67
Slave Spearman Low Level 66
Slave Swordsman Very Low Level 65
Small Water Dragon Medium Level 19
Soldier Ant Very Low Level 38
Stone Spearman Low Level 66
Sword Dancer Low Level 23
Water Dragon Medium Level 20
Werewolf Sorcerer Low Level 59
White Ogre Low Level 30
Worker Ant Low Level 37
Xiyu Shaman Medium Level 20
Young Lionman Low Level 60
Young Minotaur Low Level 61
Young Werewolf Low Level 58

Reward in Quests

A Favor Quest   10
The Doctor's Investigation Quest   10
The Sea Palace's First Mystery Quest   20

Craftable Items

Ashen Jewel 60
Crystal of Knowledge 10
Doll Cogwheel 20
Heart of Darkness 100
Multi-Hued Crystal Shard 1
Ring of Blunt Spears 10
Ring of Broken Arrows 10
Ring of Dexterity 2
Ring of Dull Axes 10
Ring of Dull Swords 10
Ring of Empty Cannons 10
Ring of Intelligence 2
Ring of Null Magic 10
Ring of Strength 2
Ring of Vitality 2
Ring of Wet Gunpowder 10
Ring of Wind 30
Ring of the Hero 30
Ring of the Phoenix 30
Ring of the Wiseman 30
Secrets of Time Abyss of Taj Mahal 100
Secrets of Time Legend of the Iron Doll 100
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