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With a sword in either hand, you deal damage to your target and everyone around it. Your [Static Shield] spell hurts anyone who attacks you, while [Direct Current] channels lightning through your basic attacks. You can also learn [Thunder Soul], which unleashes all of your stored energy in one mighty blow.
A melee character cannot attack enemies in the air.
Hero Specialization: Action power +10, Move range(TBS) +1 for whole formation.

Unknown Monster.jpg

Type: Melee
Basic Attack: Sword
Off-hand: Sword
Range: 5 cross.png
Strength: 425 Intelligence: 300
Dexterity: 250 Vitality: 285
Defence: 500 Magic Defence: 200


Main Talents

Note: values are given for 10 points (the maximum). Values by point are divided by 10 (all bonus are linear).

Level 130:

Mighty Offense: Learn to deal increased physical damage by mastering your weapon.

 Increases Attack Power by 3000 (PvE) | 500 (FL PvP) | 150 (CL PvP) | 3000 (TBS PvE).

Hearty Endurance: Intense physical conditioning increases your Max Health.

 Increases Max Health by 28000 (PvE) | 3500 (FL PvP) | 1400 (CL PvP) | 28000 (TBS PvE).

Magic Mastery: Your daily meditations boost the power of your magic.

 Increases Magic Level by 10 (PvE) | 5 (FL PvP) | 1 (CL PvP) | 10 (TBS PvE).

Level 140:

Supercharged Blade: Frequent use of Flame Sword and Direct Current have trained you to maximize your damage with each spell and increase your flame resistance.

 Increases Flame Sword and Direct Current's damage by 500 (PvE) | 50 (FL PvP) | 10 (CL PvP) | 500 (TBS PvE) %.
 Increases flame resistance by 50 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 15 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) %.

Iron Wall: Countless blows have made your body as resilient as a shield.

 Decreases all physical damage taken by 20 (PvE) | 10 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 20 (TBS PvE) %.

Deflection: You've become a master with a sword, able to reduce heavy melee attacks to glancing blows.

 Gives a 50 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 25 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) % chance to defend against melee attacks, reducing damage by 50 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) %.

Level 150:

Chaos Soul: By harnessing the energy of chaos itself, you deal more damage with Chaos Edge and Static Shield and have increased resistance to fire attacks.

 Increases Chaos Edge and Static Shield's damage by 300 (PvE) | 30 (FL PvP) | 3 (CL PvP) | 300 (TBS PvE) %.
 Increases flame resistance by 50 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 25 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) %.

Phalanx: With expert control of the battlefield, you shield nearby allies from harm.

 Allies who take damage from basic attacks that also hit you lose 20 (PvE) | 10 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 20 (TBS PvE) % less HP.

Alert Guard: Nothing happens in combat that you don't know about--you can even cut bullets out of the air with your sword.

 Gives a 50 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 25 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) % chance to defend against ranged attacks, reducing damage by 50 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) %.

Level 160:

Thunder Strike: Your blade channels the energy of life and death, and with a well-placed slash your Deadly Strike and Thunder Soul skills deal crippling damage.

 Increases Deadly Strike and Thunder Soul's damage by 1000 (PvE) | 100 (FL PvP) | 10 (CL PvP) | 1000 (TBS PvE) %.
 Basic attacks have a 50 (PvE) | 50 (FL PvP) | 50 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) % chance of preventing your target from moving for 1 turn.

Mystic Shield: Your shield protects not only your body, but your soul as well. (Pending)

 Decreases all magic damage taken by 20 (PvE) | 10 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 20 (TBS PvE) %.

Exorcism: Where other swordsman focus on swordsmanship, you have learned how to break up mystical energy, giving you the power to deflect magic attacks. (Pending)

 Gives a 50 (PvE) | 50 (FL PvP) | 50 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) % chance to defend against magic, reducing magic damage by 50 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 10 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) %.
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