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Type: Mineral
Fixed Price: 100 gold
Cannot be sold at auction

Cannot be crafted

Found in the Following Boxs

Artisan's Material Box


Beryl Watcher Very Low Level 49
Blue Ogre Very Low Level 29
Devil Monk Very Low Level 29
Evil Monk Very Low Level 28
Evil Sky Spirit Medium Level 3
Fallen Monk Low Level 27
Fan Dancer Low Level 24
Golem Sorcerer Low Level 32
Headless Captain Low Level 18
Headless Punisher Low Level 15
Hell Kimnara Medium Level 51
Hell Scout Very High Level 8
Hell Soldier Very Low Level 5
Hell Warrior Low Level 6
Horrendous FleshForm Very Low Level 43
Huge Golem Very Low Level 33
Huge Preta Medium Level 50
Kimnara Low Level 51
King's Bodyguard Low Level 27
Naga Sorcerer Very Low Level 34
Naga Warrior Very Low Level 33
Obsidian Watcher Very Low Level 48
Ogre King Low Level 31
Pillaging Invader Very Low Level 34
Preta Low Level 50
Rabalis Low Level 1
Rabalus Low Level 1
Rabeil Low Level 1
Sea King Very Low Level 28
Sea Palace General Low Level 25
Shadow Archer Low Level 21
Shadow Shooter Very Low, Low Level 21
Shadow Warrior Low Level 18
Shadow Witch Very Low Level 23
Sky Spirit Medium Level 1
Sword Dancer High Level 23
Tainted Unicorn Medium Level 7
White Ogre Low Level 30

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Bronze Arrow 20
Bronze Music Sheet 20
Copper Bullet 30
Deep-Sea Bow 2
Deep-Sea Cannon 2
Deep-Sea Chain Boots 1
Deep-Sea Chain Gauntlets 1
Deep-Sea Chain Helm 3
Deep-Sea Instrument 2
Deep-Sea Leggings 7
Deep-Sea Light Armor 3
Deep-Sea Rifle 2
Deep-Sea Whip 2
Krishna's Gloves 8
Krishna's Hat 4
Krishna's Orb 12
Krishna's Robe 8
Krishna's Shoes 8
Krishna's Staff 12
Machine Search Robot VC1 20
Machine Siege Catapult 100
Machine Small Catapult 40
Mithril Alloy 3
Multi-Hued Crystal 100
Normal Dynamite 500
Ocean Axe 2
Ocean Axe 2
Ocean Boots 1
Ocean Gauntlets 1
Ocean Greaves 7
Ocean Heavy Armor 3
Ocean Helmet 3
Ocean Helmet 3
Ocean Power Saw 2
Ocean Shield 2
Ocean Spear 2
Ocean Sword 2
Ogre Bow 12
Ogre Cannon 12
Ogre Chain Boots 8
Ogre Chain Gauntlets 8
Ogre Chain Helm 4
Ogre Instrument 12
Ogre Leggings 8
Ogre Light Armor 8
Ogre Rifle 12
Ogre Whip 12
Papyrus 100
Rakshasa Axe 12
Rakshasa's Boots 8
Rakshasa's Gauntlets 8
Rakshasa's Greaves 8
Rakshasa's Heavy Armor 8
Rakshasa's Helmet 4
Rakshasa's Power Saw 12
Rakshasa's Shield 12
Rakshasa's Spear 12
Rakshasa's Sword 12
Red Soul Gloves 1
Red Soul Hat 3
Red Soul Orb 2
Red Soul Robe 3
Red Soul Shoes 1
Red Soul Staff 2
Ring of Blunt Spears 20
Ring of Broken Arrows 20
Ring of Dexterity 20
Ring of Dull Axes 20
Ring of Dull Swords 20
Ring of Empty Cannons 20
Ring of Intelligence 20
Ring of Null Magic 20
Ring of Strength 20
Ring of Vitality 20
Ring of Wet Gunpowder 20
Shield Mold of Legend 20
Small Bolt 100
Special Gunpowder 500
Spirit Axe 5
Spirit Bow 5
Spirit Cannon 5
Spirit Gloves 2
Spirit Helmet 5
Spirit Instrument 5
Spirit Leggings 2
Spirit Orb 5
Spirit Power Saw 5
Spirit Rifle 5
Spirit Shield 5
Spirit Shoes 1
Spirit Spear 5
Spirit Staff 5
Spirit Sword 5
Spirit Whip 5
Spirit whip 5
Weak Dynamite 300
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