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Enchant Stone (I)

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Enchant Stone (I).jpg
Type: Mana Stone
Fixed Price: 1,000 gold
Cannot be used in battle
Cannot be sold at auction

Cannot be crafted

Enchants equipment under Lv. 30.


Bandit High Level 25
Black Bear Low Level 25
Blue Dragon Very Low Level 26
Chief Bae Hoon High Level 28
Chief Deer Very Low Level 26
Crab Soldier Very Low Level 22
Crab Warrior Very Low Level 23
Crazy Fox High Level 15
Devil Monk Very Low Level 29
Devil Tree Low Level 11
Evil Monk Very Low Level 28
Evil Sky Spirit Low Level 3
Evil Tree Very Low Level 9
Fallen Monk Very Low Level 27
Fan Dancer Low Level 24
Female Otter Low Level 19
Gate Keeper Low Level 20
Headless Punisher Low Level 15
Headless Soldier Low Level 14
Headless Warrior Very Low Level 13
Hell Soldier Low Level 5
Hell Warrior Low Level 6
Hellish Fairy Low Level 13
Magiced Ace Archer Low Level 18
Magiced Archer Very Low Level 17
Magiced Bowman Low Level 16
Monstrous Red Deer Low Level 11
Nimble Boar Low Level 18
Nimble Otter Low Level 21
Nimble Red Deer Low Level 10
Polluted Unicorn Low Level 9
Red Deer Low Level 10
Red Fox Low Level 19
Royal Guard Very Low Level 21
Sea Dragon Very Low Level 25
Sea King High Level 28
Shadow Witch Low Level 23
Sky Spirit Low Level 1
Small Water Dragon Very Low Level 19
Snail Low Level 26
Sword Dancer Very Low Level 23
Tainted Unicorn Very Low Level 7
Thief Medium Level 25
Water Dragon Low Level 20
Xiyu Shaman Low Level 20
Yellow Fox High Level 14
Young Owl Low Level 12
Young Yellow Fox Low Level 12

Reward in Quests

Local Dangers Quest   5

Craftable Items

Action Auto-Craft (I) 10
Enhance Stone (I) 5
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