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Large Animal Bone

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Large Animal Bone.jpg
Type: Misc
Fixed Price: 10,000 gold
Cannot be sold at auction

Cannot be crafted


Agile Megatherium Very Low Level 111
Alloy Robot Very Low Level 116
Ancient King Very Low Level 84
Ancient Mummy Very Low Level 78
Ancient Sphinx Very Low Level 80
Angry Wolf Very Low Level 79
Ankara Owl Very Low Level 103
Anubis of Death Very Low Level 80
Anubis of Souls Very Low Level 81
Ash Basilisk Very Low Level 92
Asian Wolf Very Low Level 109
Attractive Young Lady Low Level 121
Baby Fire Dragon Very Low Level 96
Beast King Kegarrd Very Low Level 71
Black Ram Very Low Level 51
Black Sheep Very Low Level 57
Blue Assassin Very Low Level 120
Brown Almiki Very Low Level 115
Brown Bear Very Low Level 83
Brown Horse Very Low Level 56
Brown Yeti Very Low Level 95
Brutal Mutated Spider Very Low Level 121
Caracal Very Low Level 70
Chief Eagle Very Low Level 63
Chief Sheep Very Low Level 56
Crazy Caracal Very Low Level 75
Crazy Crocodile Very Low Level 74
Crazy Desert Eagle Very Low Level 74
Crimson Bear Very Low Level 108
Crimson Horse Very Low Level 108
Cursed Camel Very Low Level 77
Cursed Eagle Very Low Level 76
Cursed Lionman Very Low Level 78
Dark Wolf Very Low Level 52
Death Guide Very Low Level 83
Desert Fox Very Low Level 67
Forgotten Mummy Very Low Level 78
Garura Very Low Level 52
Ground Spider Warrior Very Low Level 86
Huge Garura Very Low Level 52
Lost Elephant Very Low Level 104
Magic Owl Very Low Level 52
Pasture Watcher Very Low Level 68
Ram Very Low Level 51
Sheep Very Low Level 56
Violent Elephant Very Low Level 105
Violent White Wolf Very Low Level 101
Volcanic Raptor (Monster) Very Low Level 91
White Tiger Very Low Level 50
Young Rhinoceros Very Low Level 85

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Animal Replica 100
Conqueror's Axe 20
Conqueror's Bow 20
Conqueror's Cannon 20
Conqueror's Chain Gauntlets 30
Conqueror's Gauntlets 30
Conqueror's Gloves 30
Conqueror's Heavy Armor 20
Conqueror's Lance 20
Conqueror's Light Armor 20
Conqueror's Orb 30
Conqueror's Power Saw 20
Conqueror's Robe 20
Conqueror's Shield 30
Conqueror's Staff 20
Conqueror's Sword 20
Dragon Breath Gloves 20
Dragon Breath Hat 15
Dragon Breath Orb 20
Dragon Breath Robe 15
Dragon Breath Staff 20
Dragon Heart Axe 20
Dragon Heart Gauntlets 20
Dragon Heart Heavy Armor 15
Dragon Heart Helmet 15
Dragon Heart Lance 20
Dragon Heart Power Saw 20
Dragon Heart Shield 20
Dragon Heart Sword 20
Dragon Slayer Bow 20
Dragon Slayer Cannon 20
Dragon Slayer Chain Gauntlets 20
Dragon Slayer Chain Helm 15
Dragon Slayer Light Armor 15
Dragon Slayer Rifle 15
Dragon Slayer Whip 20
Freezing Axe 70
Freezing Bow 70
Freezing Cannon 70
Freezing Chain Gloves 100
Freezing Gauntlets 100
Freezing Gloves 100
Freezing Heavy Armor 50
Freezing Lance 70
Freezing Light Armor 50
Freezing Orb 70
Freezing Power Saw 70
Freezing Robe 50
Freezing Shield 70
Freezing Staff 70
Freezing Sword 70
Ghost Conjuror Gloves 5
Ghost Conjuror Hat 5
Ghost Conjuror Orb 5
Ghost Conjuror Robe 5
Ghost Conjuror Staff 5
Ghost Gunner Bow 5
Ghost Gunner Cannon 5
Ghost Gunner Chain Gauntlets 5
Ghost Gunner Chain Helm 5
Ghost Gunner Leggings 5
Ghost Gunner Light Armor 5
Ghost Gunner Rifle 5
Ghost Gunner Whip 5
Ghost Warrior Axe 5
Ghost Warrior Gauntlets 5
Ghost Warrior Greaves 5
Ghost Warrior Heavy Armor 5
Ghost Warrior Helmet 5
Ghost Warrior Instrument 5
Ghost Warrior Lance 5
Ghost Warrior Power Saw 5
Ghost Warrior Shield 5
Ghost Warrior Sword 5
Secrets of Time A Hero's Passage 100
Secrets of Time Dinosaur Master 200
Secrets of Time Francis 50
Secrets of Time Mummy's Curse 500
Special Gunpowder 200
Strong Fishhook 100
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