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You must have a main character at least level 100 to take this class. With a mighty swing of your blades, your attacks strike both your target and the enemies on either side of him. This is an offensive character with high attack power.
Causes damage to the enemies using Storm Blast magic and continuously draws out enemies' blood to fatigue the enemy.
Hero specialization: +10% attack,+10% defense to entire formation.

Power Saw Main.jpg

Type: Melee
Basic Attack: Power Saw
Off-hand: None
Range: 3 row front.png
Strength: 420 Intelligence: 320
Dexterity: 130 Vitality: 290
Defence: 550 Magic Defence: 250


Main Talents

Note: values are given for 10 points (the maximum). Values by point are divided by 10 (all bonus are linear).

Level 130:

Mighty Offense: Learn to deal increased physical damage by mastering your weapon.

 Increases Attack Power by 3200 (PvE) | 550 (FL PvP) | 160 (CL PvP) | 3200 (TBS PvE).

Hearty Endurance: Intense physical conditioning increases your Max Health.

 Increases Max Health by 26000 (PvE) | 3250 (FL PvP) | 1300 (CL PvP) | 26000 (TBS PvE).

Magic Mastery: Your daily meditations boost the power of your magic.

 Increases Magic Level by 10 (PvE) | 5 (FL PvP) | 1 (CL PvP) | 10 (TBS PvE).

Level 140:

Cannibalism: By summoning the most primal of instincts, you trigger Destructive Instinct more easily and absorb HP from the enemy when you deal damage.

 Increases the minimum Health needed to trigger Destructive Instinct by 15 (PvE) | 15 (FL PvP) | 1 (CL PvP) | 15 (TBS PvE) %.
 When activated, regain 10 (PvE) | 3 (FL PvP) | 1 (CL PvP) | 10 (TBS PvE) % of the damage you do as Health.

Iron Will: You refuse to fall when close to death, taking damage to your MP instead of HP.

 When an attack would kill you, you take damage from your MP instead of your Health.
 Every 1 MP counts for 2 (PvE) | 1 (FL PvP) | 1 (CL PvP) | 2 (TBS PvE) points of damage.

Massacre: The smell of blood drives you, boosting your chance of making a second multi-hit after your first multi-hit.

 After getting 1 multi-hit, grants a 50 (PvE) | 15 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) % chance to get a second multi-hit.

Level 150: Blades of Slaughter: Your Chainsaw Blade skill is deadlier than ever, and when it kills an enemy, the thrill pushes you to take another action.

 Increases Chainsaw Blade's damage by 100 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 100 (TBS PvE) %.
 When Chainsaw Blade kills an enemy, get a 100 (PvE) | 50 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 100 (TBS PvE) % chance to take another action.

Made of Iron: You've learned how to take a beating, and you can shrug off basic attacks that would stun lesser warriors.

 Grants a 50 (PvE) | 15 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) % chance that your Combo Count will not increase when attacked.

Overkill: Nothing gets your blood pumping like a good beating, and the more you beat on a single target, the more your Multi-Hit Rate increases.

 Boosts Multi-Hit Rate by 5 (PvE) | 5 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 5 (TBS PvE) % for each Combo Count your target has.

Level 160:

Bloody Mess: Your Storm Blast hits harder than before, and the spray of blood refreshes you, restoring some of the damage you deal is HP. (Pending)

 Increases Storm Blast's damage by 100 (PvE) | 100 (FL PvP) | 100 (CL PvP) | 100 (TBS PvE) %.
 Regain 100 (PvE) | 100 (FL PvP) | 100 (CL PvP) | 100 (TBS PvE) % of Storm Blast's damage as Health.

Fuel to the Fire: When you see an enemy kill one of your friends, you resolve to show them how it's done, regaining some HP and MP in the process. (Pending)

 Restores 15 (PvE) | 15 (FL PvP) | 15 (CL PvP) | 15 (TBS PvE) % Health and MP when a nearby ally dies.

Brutal Strikes: As you get closer to death, your Multi-Hit Rate increases. (To be patched.)

 Increases your Multi-Hit Rate the closer you are to death, up to 10 (PvE) | 10 (FL PvP) | 10 (CL PvP) | 10 (TBS PvE) %.
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