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Melee Type Mercenary
Grade: B
Basic Attack: Spear
Off-hand: Shield
Range: 2 column front.png

Strength: 341 Intelligence: 122
Dexterity: 220 Vitality: 244
Defence: 263 Magic Defence: 100


The Spartan has trained for war his entire life. By combining a spear and a shield, he brings a balance of devastating offense and hardened defense to your formation. It's said that his War Cry can crush the spirits of his enemies, decreasing their offensive stats.


Elite Spartan.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Elite Spartan
Lv. 20 + 50 Giant Soul Crystals

Strength: 404 Intelligence: 163
Dexterity: 253 Vitality: 274
Defence: 395 Magic Defence: 100

Spartan Captain.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Spartan Captain
Lv. 50 + 100 Giant Soul Crystals

Strength: 459 Intelligence: 193
Dexterity: 288 Vitality: 305
Defence: 505 Magic Defence: 100


Upgrade Cost:

Lv. 80 + 20 Giant Soul Jewels

Strength: 556 Intelligence: 223
Dexterity: 301 Vitality: 336
Defence: 725 Magic Defence: 100

Leonidas (Hero I).jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Leonidas (Hero I)
Lv. 100 + 40 Giant Soul Jewels

Strength: 620 Intelligence: 239
Dexterity: 336 Vitality: 367
Defence: 989 Magic Defence: 100

Leonidas (Hero II).jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Leonidas (Hero II)
Lv. 120 + 60 Giant Soul Jewels

Strength: 679 Intelligence: 253
Dexterity: 373 Vitality: 397
Defence: 1131 Magic Defence: 100

Leonidas (Hero III).jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Leonidas (Hero III)
Lv. 130 + 80 Giant Soul Jewels

Strength: 733 Intelligence: 271
Dexterity: 406 Vitality: 427
Defence: 1281 Magic Defence: 100

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Leonidas (Hero IV)
Lv. 140 + 80 Giant Soul Jewels

Strength: 792 Intelligence: 290
Dexterity: 442 Vitality: 460
Defence: 1452 Magic Defence: 100

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Leonidas (Hero V)
Lv. 150 + 80 Giant Soul Jewels

Strength: 856 Intelligence: 315
Dexterity: 482 Vitality: 496
Defence: 1646 Magic Defence: 100

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Leonidas (Hero VI)
Lv. 160 + 80 Giant Soul Jewels

Strength: 1027 Intelligence: 378
Dexterity: 578 Vitality: 595
Defence: 1975 Magic Defence: 100



At lvl 100, you can start the recruiting quest from the Ancient Spartan Hero in eastern Athens. In order to scout Spartans, you must obtain a Colorful Soul Stone from an independent mercenary and a Old Spartan Shield from the Tower of Babel.

Similar Class

Spear Main, Spearman, Spartan, General, Taoist

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