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Melee Type Mercenary
Grade: D
Basic Attack: Spear
Off-hand: None
Range: 2 column front.png

Strength: 310 Intelligence: 120
Dexterity: 210 Vitality: 240
Defence: 230 Magic Defence: 110


The Spearman forgoes defense to go on an all-out offensive. His spear not only packs a punch, but it also hits the enemy behind the Spearman's main target.

His Lightning Spear spell is effective against enemies you want to keep out of the fight, as enemies hit by it will lose action power.


Spear Fighter.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Spear Fighter
Lv. 20 + 50 Ashen Crystals

Strength: 350 Intelligence: 160
Dexterity: 230 Vitality: 270
Defence: 350 Magic Defence: 110

Spear Warrior.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Spear Warrior
Lv. 50 + 100 Ashen Crystals

Strength: 380 Intelligence: 190
Dexterity: 250 Vitality: 300
Defence: 450 Magic Defence: 110

Zhao Yun.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Zhao Yun
Lv. 80 + 20 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 440 Intelligence: 220
Dexterity: 250 Vitality: 330
Defence: 650 Magic Defence: 110

Zhao Yun (Hero I).jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Zhao Yun (Hero I)
Lv. 100 + 50 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 470 Intelligence: 235
Dexterity: 267 Vitality: 353
Defence: 890 Magic Defence: 110

Zhao Yun (Hero II).jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Zhao Yun (Hero II)
Lv. 120 + 150 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 500 Intelligence: 249
Dexterity: 274 Vitality: 371
Defence: 1090 Magic Defence: 110

Zhao Yun (Hero III).jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Zhao Yun (Hero III)
Lv. 130 + 200 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 530 Intelligence: 269
Dexterity: 286 Vitality: 392
Defence: 1240 Magic Defence: 110

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Zhao Yun (Hero IV)
Lv. 140 + 200 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 566 Intelligence: 290
Dexterity: 300 Vitality: 415
Defence: 1420 Magic Defence: 110

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Zhao Yun (Hero V)
Lv. 150 + 200 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 605 Intelligence: 311
Dexterity: 315 Vitality: 443
Defence: 1630 Magic Defence: 110

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Zhao Yun (Hero VI)
Lv. 160 + 200 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 726 Intelligence: 373
Dexterity: 378 Vitality: 531
Defence: 1956 Magic Defence: 110



One of the few starting mercenaries that you can choose from during the "pregame". You can also recruit them at the mercenary seller near your starting town.

Similar Class

Spear Main, Spearman, Spartan, General, Taoist

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