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Overall TodoList

  • Review all items in the Old Contents Category (ABORTED) (New Patches Released Before Completion)
  • Update Craft pages for any items removed from the game (sewing) (DONE)
  • Update Freezing and Divine craftable items Box info (DONE)
Although the patch notes say they condensed the freezing equipment boxes into one, you can still get the various freezing equipment boxes (defenders, destroyers, ect) as the reward from Ancient City's Golden Treasure Map.
Based on there changelog they arn't compleatly removing the old box's yet. They seem to be waiting until people have used there box's (Or most people have) until they remove them compleately. Id bet that they overlooked the Ancient City's Golden Treasure Map's rewards. --Stucuk 05:08, 2 July 2009 (UTC)
Ancient City's Golden Treasure Maps no longer give the "special" freezing boxes. There are still "special" freezing boxes floating around, but no longer any way to get them. On a side note, it's funny seeing people trying to sell them for more than divine boxes. NicolasJager 00:16, 20 September 2009 (UTC).
  • Delete items removed from game(Will be done after Review of Old Contents and Updated Craft page) (DONE)
  • Update Icons (Tears of Teteoinan, Beastman's Fang, Phoenix's Feather, Water Dragon Scale, Insect Shell, Dust of Death, Evil Soul Extract) (DONE)
  • Update Rings (Ring Craft has been changed to Accessories Craft) (DONE)
  • Change Ring Crafting to Accessories Crafting and add in new items (Accessories Craft can craft necklace and ring. New rings have been added.) (DONE)
  • Monsters noted in the update notes need to be updated (WIP)
  • Need to check all Wearable Items (Armor's don't seem to have it) for Extra properties like "Magic Skill Level +3". (DONE)

Personal Progress

Note: Due to another patch coming out before this was fully completed some monsters in categories below may not be uptodate. However i will continue to finish this review(Since im not going to do a review of all monsters each patch).

  • Review of all Monsters:
    • A - DONE
    • B - DONE
    • C - Not Started
    • D - Done upto Dark Harpy Fighter
    • E - Not Started
    • F - DONE
    • G - DONE
    • I - DONE
    • J - DONE
    • K - DONE
    • L - DONE
    • M - Not Started
    • N - Not Started
    • O - DONE
    • P - DONE
    • Q - DONE
    • R - Not Started
    • S - Not Started
    • T - DONE
    • U - No Monsters
    • V - DONE
    • W - DONE
    • X - DONE
    • Z - No Monsters
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