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General Todo List

  • The grade of items has been changed from [Beg], [Int], [Adv], [Pre] to [I], [II], [III], [IV]. (DONE)
  • The required Elements for the crafting of Divine, Depraved, and Phoenix equipment have been increased and other required materials have been decreased.
  • The icons for Officer’s Shotgun, Life Potions, and many consumable items have been changed. (WIP)
  • A new “Travel Agency” quest has been added to Hu Xue-yan’s quest line.
  • Southern Europe has been modified. (ABORTED) (Moved To Next Patch ToDo List)
  • Northeast Asia has been modified. (ABORTED) (Moved To Next Patch ToDo List)

Monster Todo Checklist

  • A Bandit area has been added near Northeast Asia.
  • Poison-Horned Python’s magic skill will now hit all mercenaries; however, damage and action power reduction have been reduced.
  • Experience from monsters in Bulguksa, Ghost Town, and Mysterious Saloon has been increased.
  • Admirer of Shiva’s magic has been changed to Ranged type.
  • The following boss monsters’ defense has been decreased:
Giustiniani, Constantinus XI, Sedna, Machine Gun Brooks, Reckless Control System, Tlaltecuhtli King
  • Ignorant Savage’s difficulty and experience have been increased and Enraged Savage’s attack power has been increased.
  • The magic skills of the Enchanting Warriors in Mysterious Saloon have been changed.
  • The attack type of the following monsters has been changed from Bow to Sword:
Fire Hound, Hell Hound, Evil Wolf, Hell Wolf, Young Cerberus, Cerberus, Hell’s Watchdog, Blazing Lizard
  • A bug which caused Bulguksa monsters’ levels to display incorrectly in Monster Info has been fixed.
  • The graphic models of Crystal Guards, Crystal Safeguards, Dark Crystal Safeguards, Lone Guardsmen, and Bloody Safeguards have been changed.
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