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General Todo List

  • New Merc
  • New Dungeons
Vincent Van Gogh
Palace of Night
  • New Items (* = Done)
Atlas Ore replaces Oriharukon Enhance Stone's
Allied Teleport License
Dragon God’s equipment
Shimmering Ruby Necklace *
Sharp Ruby Necklace *
Tough Ruby Necklace *
Guardian Stone of Recovery *
Guardian Stone of Bravery *
Guardian Stone of Celerity *
Guardian Stone of Awakening *
Guardian Stone (IV) *
Antidote (V) *
Healing Potion (V) *
Mana Potion (V) *
Elixir (V) *
Life Potion (V) *
Growth Vial (V) *
Stimulant (V) *
Screaming Arrow
Screaming Bullet
Screaming Cannonball
Titanium Arrow
Titanium Bullet
Titanium Cannonball
Night Destroyer's Charm
Night Assassin's Charm
Night Savior's Charm
Destroyer's Charm (III)
Assassin's Charm (III)
Savior's Charm (III)
Auto-Craft Doll MK-3
Auto Fishing Doll MK-3
Giant Ballista
Titanium Ore
Titanium Ingot
Scroll of Dispel (V)
Scroll of Purification (V)
Awakening Scroll (V)
Action Auto-Craft (IV)
Action Fishing (IV)
Sea Bass
Strong Fishing Line
Strong Fishhook
Titanium Fishing Rod
Albert's Special Bait
Traditional Korean Meal
Seafood Pot
(IV) Magic skill books have been added.
Enchant Box (V)
Hammer (V)
Manager’s Scroll (V)
  • [IV] of Scrolls (Judgment, Freezing, Resurrection, Life’s Blessing, and Bewitching) and Growth Vial[IV] have been changed to [V]
  • Icon of Sealed Phoenix’s Equipment Box has been changed.
  • Tooltip for Atlantis Coins has been modified to include Crassus as an NPC that the items can be sold to.
  • Hero grade mercenaries’ grade names have been changed. [Hero I] is appended to the level 100 upgrade hero name and will become [Hero II] at the level 120 upgrade.

Monster ToDo List

  • The experience gained from the bosses' and mini-bosses' of Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town and Mysterious Saloon has been increased.

Region ToDo List

  • Yeti Town, Viking Town, and Animal Training Center have been added.
  • Northern Europe outdoor region has been updated.
  • Moscow’s location has been modified.
  • Entrance to Devil’s Forest has been moved to the south and the entrance’s background has been modified.
  • NPC Kurbsky, Kikimora, Ruric, Beowulf, Snegurochka, Cathedral Manager, Hugin, Mimir, Gullweig, Guardian Frigg, Heimdall, Janet, Erik, Angakok, Amaqjuat, and Chief Notoqchen’s locations have been modified.
  • NPC Crassus has been added to the Rome Bazaar.
  • Southwest Asia’s World Map and Mini Map have been modified.
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