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  • Magic book for Marauder's Edge, the new Pirate magic, has been added. ----- I created the page... but it needs some more work Tythesly1 01:52, 26 September 2011 (UTC)
  • Secret Vial of Potential (II) has been added.
  • Some of the crafting materials for Depraved equipment have been changed.

Therefore, the unit price of Depraved equipment has been reduced.

  • Three types of the new mercenary [Guan Yu]'s magic books have been added.

Green Dragon Glaive
Green Dragon Strike
Green Dragon's Rage

  • Khun Phaen posses 3 magic skills:

Thunderbolt Slash - By charging his sword with lightning energy from his orb, Khun Phaen can cause devastating lightning damage to his enemies
Rally - Khun Phaen's great leadership emanates as a passive skill which increases the main character's stats and restores some MP on each turn
Demoralize - Khun Phaen's fierce charisma decreases the stats of enemy mains/bosses and disables magic attacks within range during a turn

  • Combined Item Details (Old Items -> New Items) - Unless specified, the conversion rate is 1:1

Clay, Copper Flakes -> Coral
Magnesium -> Iron Sand
Silver Dust -> Copper Ore
Gold Dust, Copper Ingot, Platinum Ore, Sulfur -> Pearl
Silver Ore, Coal, Iron Ore, Crystal, Gold Ore -> Silver Ingot
Platinum, Nickel, Mithril Ore, Topaz -> Gold Ingot
Mithril -> Oil
Iron Ingot -> Tanzanite
Fragment of Divine -> Refined Mithril Ingot
Titanium -> 2:1 -> Titanium Ingot
Adamantium Ore -> Ruby
Mithril Ingot -> 2:1 -> Opal
Small Diamond, Refined Oil -> Opal
Steel -> 2:1 -> Platinum Ingot

Small Tree Branch -> Maple
Bamboo -> 3: 1 -> Pine
Charcoal -> 2:1 -> Pine

Power of Night -> Energy of Atmosphere
Power of Dark -> Energy of Wind
Power of Midnight -> Energy of Hail

Small Feather -> Weak Gunpowder
Normal Feather, Small Animal Bone -> 2:1 -> Common Gunpowder
Pure Dragon's Blood -> Frozen Soul
Whimpering of the Dead -> 1:2 -> Frozen Soul
Solid Shell, Soft Hair -> 2:1 -> Sharpened Claw
Tannin, Shining Glass -> Thick Animal Bone
Still-Beating Heart -> 2:1 -> Hero's Blood
Tear of the Abyss -> Energy of Hail
Nitroglycerin, Powder of Soul -> 2:1 -> Ruby
Powder of Life -> 2:1 -> Platinum Ingot
Powder of Spirit, Crystal of Magic, Steel Ingot -> Platinum Ingot

Rough Leather, Rough Silk -> Thread
Common Leather, Common Silk -> Embroidery Thread
Quality Leather, Quality Silk -> Silver Thread
Perfect Leather, Perfect Silk -> Gold Thread
Soft Silk -> Thin Rayon

The Grace of Onteotl -> Scroll of Enchant (No Trade)
Secret Vial of Stability -> Scroll of Enchant (No Trade)
Jiuyodian -> Scroll of Enchant (No Trade)

  • Add the following items

Ginkgo Wood
Brown Rice
Quality Mint
Quality Magnetite
Quality Ginkgo Wood
Quality Brown Rice
Secret Vial of Amnesia
Craftsman’s Soul
Chi You's Ring (Melee)
Nuwa's Ring (Range)
Fu Xi's Ring (Magic)
Pangu's Ring (Artillery)
Captured Laval Basilisk
Scroll of Enchant (No Trade)


  • Inventor needs its pictures updated. New Looks. Tythesly1 22:59, 27 September 2011 (UTC)
  • Minstrel Pictures need to be updated. Tythesly1 13:28, 28 September 2011 (UTC)
  • Hellish Fairy Appearance Changed... Tythesly1 23:45, 28 September 2011 (UTC)
  • Some drop items from tutorial monsters Rabeil, Rabalis, and Rabalus have been changed. ---- Its taking forever for me to get the info by myself... Ill contribute what I have so far and if I get new info Ill make sure to add it asap. ---- (Done) I have the full info for all 3 monsters. --Stucuk 17:42, 27 September 2011 (UTC)
  • Oil was added as a crafting material for Adamantium and Adamantium Ingot.
  • A new mercenary: Guan Yu has been added.
  • The fixed market prices of some Elements have been lowered.

Flame Element: 250,000 gold
Storm Element: 750,000 gold

  • The following items can now be purchased for a fixed price from the Market:

Monster Egg
Platinum Ingot
Big Slab of Lumber
Thin Rayon
Colorful Thread
Dragon God's Ire
Oriental Mushroom
Vindictive Soul Imprint
Evil Soul Extract
Enchant Stone (II)
Enchant Stone (III)

  • The fixed price for the following items has been reduced:

Gold Ingot
Silver Ingot
Thick Animal Bone
Large Animal Bone
Sharpened Claw
Frozen Soul

  • The fixed price for Iron Sand has been increased from 150 to 200
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